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Have you ever wondered how to take steps in developing a deeper appreciation of art?  Have you ever wondered or been interested in the creativity process in artists?  Have you ever wondered if maybe you could be an artist ?  Have you ever been drawn to beauty?  This blog will be talking about these and associated topics.

This is is a blog that will talk about those topics.  It will be posted about every 2-4 weeks or so and is intended to give you an assortment of ways and perspectives to help you increase your appreciation of the visual arts in particular-photos, paintings, sculptures, and mixed media presentations, although the focus will be mainly on paintings and photos.

It may be helpful to have some previous art education of some kind, art classes or art history or art appreciation from websites, local colleges, books or other sources.  Some background would be helpful.

We’ll be looking at our own physical environment, our homes, streets, trees, countryside, cityscapes and more as visual images, which is often represented in paintings and photos.  We’ll be looking at philosophical, mental and emotional states as responses to what we call beauty.  We’ll be learning about creativity processes in artists.  And I’m now discovering how these qualities even cross over into the realm of Spirit at times, and cross other boundaries as well.

I hope this will be a journey that will be fun, thought provoking, interesting, surprising, fulfilling, puzzling, opening and wonderful!

Will you join me in exploring the visual arts?


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