About Me

I’m Lynn Fosnaught.  I’m a photographer of sorts.  I’ve taken drawing, watercolor painting, human figure drawing and a photography class at the local college.  I love the composition and content of paintings.  I love the fact that many paintings have differences from what my eye or camera sees of the original scene. But I also like that I can capture a scene in one second versus working many hours painting, so I take many photos.  And my photos are greatly influenced by the paintings and graphics I’ve seen in art galleries, art museums, magazines, books and the art work that is everywhere.

I’ve taken photos off and on for 30 years.  I’ve been a seeker of images that make me say ‘wow’.  I’ve had moments of visual enjoyment off and on for all of my life.

I’ve collected art note cards from stores, online and art gallery’s shops for over 30 years.  These blank note cards with beautiful art on the front and an artist’s name and other information on the back was a way for me to spend time with grand art works that were affordable and a way to send personalized messages to appreciative friends. My day job for 38 years was being her speech therapist in the public schools which I loved.  I am now retired perusing several different interests to my delight.

Spirituality is and always has been a great interest along with a strong visual interest. My deepest connection with Spirit is through New Age thought, but I also have interests and connections with Buddist, Hindu, Native America, Mindfullness and Christianity practices.

I live in Modesto, California, a semi-desert which I love. So many loves.

This is my first blog.  Writing and English was always my worst subject through out all my school years. So this is interesting that it seems to so much fun to be writing now and that I’m so surprised at what is coming out now.

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