Seeing and Experiencing Poignancy

“Being away for two months had given everyone the rector knew, and Mitford (hometown) as well, a fresh, almost poignant reality.”

         A Light in the Window,   Jan Karon author

This quote hit me with strength.  I’ve had moments in my life that have been similar.  Such delicious moments.  And yet I wondered how this would be received in an art appreciation blog.  What’s the connection between this quote and art appreciation, I asked myself. Well, I reasoned with myself, how did the rector realize that everyone he knew and his hometown environment were poignant?  In my own life, I sensed this similar quality to the greatest degree through my visual senses.  When I saw people and things that were poignant, or as if I was seeing them for the first time, (I guess I already leaked the answer), it was primarily through my vision and body, emotional and mind’s response to the visual scene I observed. And maybe my soul’s response to what I observed too.

Which leads me to think of the visual arts. Does this experience add to my enjoyment of people and environments in the visual arts? At times, yes to the highest degree.

Have you ever experienced something like this in your life?

I hope so.

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