What is This Blog About?

Have you ever wondered how to take steps in developing a deeper appreciation of art?  Have you ever wondered and been interested in the process of creativity for artists?  Have you ever wondered if maybe you could be an artist?  Have you ever been drawn to beauty? This blog will be talking about these topics.

This is a blog that’s posted every 2-4 weeks and is intended to give you the readers an assortment of ways and perspectives to help you increase your appreciation of the visual arts-photos, paintings, sculptures, and mixed media presentations, although the focus will be mainly on paintings, photos and 2-D art.

We’ll be looking at our own physical environment, our homes, streets, trees, countryside, city scapes and more as art.  Secondly we’ll be looking closely at the visual arts already produced and thirdly we’ll be learning about the creative process of artists.  Lastly we’ll be looking at the philosophical, mental and emotional states that tend to increase the enjoyment of art.  And somewhere in there we’ll be navigating around beauty.  I am a seeker of what I find beautiful.

I hope this will be a journey that will be fun, thought provoking, interesting, surprising, fulfilling, puzzling, opening and wonderful!

Will you join me in exploring the visual art?

If you want to look at an article by itself, please click on the title of the article you want.  Then if you want to print it out or send it, you’ll be able to do that without printing out the entire blog.

Copyright (c)2013 by Lynn Fosnaught. All rights reserved.  You may translate, link to or quote this article, in its entirety, as long as you include the author’s name and a working link back to this website: http://www.artappreciationandmore.com. Any other use of this article is prohibited.

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