A Visual Image Makes Me Pause

Have you ever looked at something in your personal life or at a work of art of any kind and thought, ‘wow, this is beautiful’?  As I thought about this topic of beauty, I remembered a time many years ago in the early winter morning when I reached for the door knob and was struck by the image of my hand, door knob and the long slanted shadow that my hand and door knob made on the door and door frame.  In that moment and in that image there was something special that made me pause and really look.

I’m trying to find other words to describe this experience and I’m having a hard time.  As I think back on it now 25+ years later, I’m going to have to say that somehow this was a gift from the spiritual world, a moment of connection. It was so simple and so ordinary, yet I still remember that moment as if yesterday.

Have you ever had an experience where something visual has moved you in a positive way?  Have you ever been struck by the beauty of something ordinary?  Have you ever noticed the beauty of an object and its shadow?  Has something ever caught your eye by its appeal?


What was that like?  May you notice something in the near future and appreciate its quality of something extraordinary in the ordinary.


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